Solutions for businesses and organizations large and small

Dial Them Up offers easy, reliable, and low-cost calling services to address a multitude of business needs.

See how Dial Them Up’s group calling and phone messaging services can save you time and money,
increase productivity, and boost your bottom line.

Learn more about our calling service solutions:

  • Products and Services Marketing

    Combining automated calling service and voice broadcasting for your telemarketing efforts is faster, more effective, and a fraction of the cost of direct mail.

  • Appointment Reminder Calling

    Use our automated calling service for appointment reminders to clients, patients, or donors to increase productivity and decrease no-shows.

  • Group Notification

    Faster and more reliable than phone trees, group calling addresses your mass notification needs with automated dialing and a customized voice message.

  • Emergency Notification

    Our powerful and reliable network gets your voice message out quickly, easily, and reliably when seconds count.

  • Past Due/Bad Debt

    Fast, effective, and low-cost automated calling services can streamline bill payment and improve your cash flow.

  • Get Out the Vote and Candidate Promotion

    The fastest, most targeted way to reach groups for political contributions, candidate awareness campaigns, or Get Out the Vote messages.

  • Tenant Notification

    Property managers, building supervisors, and home associations can save time and money with our calling services. Great for residential or commercial real estate.

  • Membership and Subscription Notices

    Increase and retain members or subscribers to your business or service with timely voice message reminders and announcements.

  • Donor and Contributor Requests

    Automated calling gets results for fundraising, awareness campaigns, and calls for volunteers for nonprofits, religious organizations, and political campaigns.

  • Recall, Warranty, and Required Notifications

    Reach thousands of contacts in minutes with important product recall notifications, warranty issues, and other mandates.

  • Market Research Surveys and Polling

    Use our survey and polling feature to gather valuable data, gauge opinions, engage customers, and boost your bottom line.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions

    Design a custom interactive voice system with menus for customer service options, surveys, call forwarding to an agent, and more.