Feedback Reporting

See results in real time

Measuring the effectiveness of your calling campaign is critical to the success of your business. Dial Them Up’s performance reports give you all the information you need to both verify the calling process and measure your progress against objectives.

The key advantage of Dial Them Up’s feedback reporting is the ability to monitor and gauge the effectiveness of your calling campaign in real time.

With our easy, web-based interface, you can see exactly how many calls are made, how quickly your messages are delivered, and the result of each call: whether it was answered, transferred, or picked up by an answering machine or voice mail system. Immediately see if the call was blocked, if a busy signal was detected, or if the number was invalid.

    At any time during or after your campaign, you can access valuable statistical data and metrics that will show you:

  • Actual number of calls completed
  • Call duration
  • Time of call
  • Results: pickup / answering machine or voicemail / hang-up / no answer / busy
  • Results percentages
  • Call transfer initiation
  • Call blocked
  • Invalid number
  • There may be times when your message requires a response. With our real-time reporting, you can see instantly if the call recipient took the necessary actions. Simply designate a telephone key as your confirmation mechanism and ask the recipient to press the key. This feature is essential when you need the recipient to acknowledge the receipt of an urgent message, or to confirm an appointment.

    Faster reporting means faster analysis of your campaign’s performance. It enables you to make decisions on-the-fly about optimizing the delivery time, length, or content of your message. Get Dial Them Up’s real-time reporting, and get the results you want.

    Use Feedback Reporting in conjunction with any of our services:

  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Appointment Reminder Services
  • Transfer Call
  • Bilingual Voice Broadcast Message or Transfer
  • Real-time reporting is essential for the success of these organizations’ calling campaigns:

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Political Campaigns
  • Retailers

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