Call Center Technology for Any Business

    Save time. Save money. And increase customer satisfaction.

    What is IVR? It stands for Interactive Voice Response, a technology that enables callers to obtain information or answer questions by pressing numbers on a telephone keypad or by speaking in response to automated voice prompts.

    Dial Them Up’s IVR systems let you handle large volumes of calls, provide service to customers after normal business hours, and give you the capabilities of an on-site call center without the expenses of hiring staff, installing equipment, or buying special software.

    Your IVR system will save you time and money by prioritizing inquiries. You can offer menu options that will quickly provide basic information, such as your business hours and locations, or promptly connect callers to the right agent or technician. Your customer does not have to be put on hold, wait for a representative to answer simple questions, or get frustrated with misdirected transfers.

    With an interactive voice response system, your business is open 24/7. Calls are answered on the first ring — putting an end to lost sales opportunities and negative customer experiences.

    Dial Them Up makes it fast and easy for you to design custom menus via our web-based interface. With our convenient toolbar and simple drag-and-drop process, your call center can be up and running in minutes! You can monitor your calls in real time, and get detailed call reports with statistical and graphical information.

    Dial Them Up lets you custom-design IVR menus for both inbound calls and outbound calls, and capture data via keypad presses or voice responses.

    Outgoing Calls

    Dial Them Up lets you set up a system using auto dialing, voice broadcasting, and interactive voice response to reach people from a contact list, play a recorded message, and ask call recipients to respond to voice prompts. Our powerful automatic dialer can reach thousands of contacts in minutes. You can also offer the option to connect to an agent.

  • Aftermarket sales and services
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Post-service or installation follow-up
  • Agent performance rating
  • Warranty extension offers
  • Opinion polls
  • Employee shift management
  • Reservation or appointment confirmations
  • Incoming Calls

    Even the smallest business and organizations can operate like big ones. With our
    advanced IVR service, you can attend to your customers on the first ring, and present a
    professional, customer-facing profile to callers 24/7. Dial Them Up’s automated IVR
    systems not only provide numerous call center capabilities, but can also be integrated
    with a traditional, live call center or remote agents.

  • Quickly determine the nature of the inquiry and prioritize urgent calls
  • Answer routine inquiries without tying up your staff
  • Route calls to the appropriate agent or technician
  • Offer self-service options, such as checking an account balance or order status, without the need for a live representative
  • Customize your responses and prompts by the customer’s name, account number, or PIN
  • Guide customers through a process, such as entering a claim or activating a credit card
  • Set up dedicated numbers for opt-in telemarketing messages, special offers, property listings, service options, contests, and more
  • Learn how Dial Them Up’s automated voice response service enhances these applications:

  • Collections and Billing
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Product and Services Marketing

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