Transfer Calls To Your Agent

Instantly connect to interested prospects

Dial Them Up’s efficient calling services not only let you reach your entire contact list in minutes, but you can also save valuable time by offering the call recipient the option to connect directly to your representative or agent.

Add this feature to any group voice message or reminder. Your contact needs only to press one key on his phone to connect to any number you choose. This time and labor saving feature enables you to instantly reach those from whom you need an immediate response, or recipients who want to hear more about your product or service.

Free your staff from spending time on unproductive calls. Combine automatic dialing, voice broadcasting, and the transfer feature to make every call count.

Create an introductory greeting to play immediately when the recipient picks up the call, and then offer a menu with the option to speak to a receptionist, sales agent, or any other designated party.

    Increase your communications efficiency and boost your ROI by connecting directly to qualified sales leads. Include a call to action in your promotional message to connect to your sales representative. Urge potential donors to make that contribution right now. Avoid time-wasting no-shows by having your contact speak to a receptionist to confirm or reschedule an appointment.

    When it comes to customer complaints, surveys show that most people prefer speaking to a live agent who will assist them. Enhance your customer’s experience by making your customer service representatives accessible at the touch of a button.

    Use the transfer call feature to:

  • Enhance customer service
  • Close the sale
  • Schedule service
  • Arrange for payment of bills
  • Place orders
  • Follow up with customers, patients, contributors
  • Offer more detailed information about your product or service
  • Reroute calls to specified numbers or extensions
  • Streamline registration for sports teams, classes, events, summer camps
  • Confirm or reschedule appointments
  • When you combine our group calling and voice broadcasting with our transfer option, you get the best of automated calling services and a live agent who will personally serve your client or prospect.

    Use the Transfer Calls feature in conjunction with:

  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Bilingual Voice Broadcast Message or Transfer
  • Reporting
  • The option to transfer to a live agent is an invaluable calling service for these businesses:

  • Financial Services
  • Automotive
  • Retailers

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