Appointment Reminder Calling

    Simplify appointment scheduling.
    Lower the incidence of missed appointments.

    Reminder calling lets your customers, patients, donors, or other contacts know that they have a time and place to be in the near future.

    Many consumers prefer automated calling to remind them of upcoming appointments. An automated call can be a less intrusive reminder for your contacts.

    Using our automated calling for appointment reminders will save you and your staff from unproductive, time-consuming tasks such as dialing groups of contacts, waiting for calls to be picked up, and repeatedly leaving messages on answering machines.

    Using automated dialing and voice broadcasting for your reminder call ensures that your messages are delivered in a consistent and professional way. You never have to worry about your contacts bearing the brunt of a “bad day” or “phone call fatigue” by a frazzled staff member.

    Dial Them Up also provides you with real-time reports on the time of the call, duration, live or answering machine pickup, call transfer initiation, and more. You can instantly see if your contact received the message.

    Take our service a step farther and use it to schedule appointments just by adding our transfer-to-agent feature. Contacts simply press a number on their keypad to be connected to your receptionist so that they can set, confirm, or change an appointment.

    See how Dial Them Up’s calling services can enhance your appointment scheduling:

  • Transfer Calls To Agent
  • Group Notification
  • Reporting
  • Businesses that use reminder calling services for appointment setting:

  • Medical and Healthcare Facilities
  • Seasonal Services
  • Gyms and Fitness Clubs

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