Automated Bill Payment Reminders

    Automate outbound dialing to delinquent accounts.

    Continually sending out statements and bills by mail with no response? Automated calling is much less expensive and time-consuming than mailing past-due notices. Use our fast, effective group calling and voice broadcasting services to get your message across.

    Being paid on time is important to your cash flow. Whether addressing a seriously delinquent account or merely encouraging a payment, automated calling can improve your bottom line.

    Dial Them Up’s automatic dialers and powerful network can call multiple lines, multiple times per week without fatigue.

    When you record your customized voice message, you can easily add a menu to guide the customer through payment options or choose to speak to a representative. Our transfer-to-agent feature enables the call recipient to press a number on their telephone keypad to be transferred to your agent so that they can arrange payment. This call transfer can be made to any phone number you select.

    Reduce past-due accounts. Explore these services for payment reminders and debt collection:

  • Group Notification
  • Reminder Calling
  • Transfer Call
  • Automated payment reminder calling can benefit these businesses:

  • Medical Services
  • Retailers
  • Seasonal Services

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