Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Enhance your business with interactive communication and call center capabilities

Boost your business and increase customer satisfaction with all the features and capabilities of an on-site call center without the expense of hiring staff, installing equipment, or buying special software.

Dial Them Up makes it fast and easy for you to design a custom auto attendant or IVR menus via our web-based interface. With a convenient toolbar and simple drag-and-drop process, you can manage your call lists, record outgoing messages, design response mechanisms, create surveys, schedule delivery times and dates of outbound calls, modify a running campaign, monitor your calls in real time, and more. Your call center can be up and running in minutes!

    Dial Them Up lets you custom-design IVR menus for both inbound calls and outbound calls, with keypad (DTMF) or voice response data capture.

    Just some of the features of our IVR service:

  • Call Forwarding and Call Transfer: Connects the active call to a specified phone number or extension either upon call pickup or menu option.
  • Call Record: Records the active call.
  • Options Menu: Gathers information via keypad input from the user. Each menu requires at least one “play” mode to present options to the user, and one or more key press or recording modes to handle the responses.
  • Answering Machine Detection (AMD): Detects if the outbound call is answered by a person or an answering device and lets you play an alternate message or simply end the call.
  • Do Not Call (DNC): Allows the call recipient to opt-out of future calls by adding his number to a DNC list.
  • Text-To-Speech (TTS): Allows you to enter text that will be played as spoken words.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Editing: Allows you to monitor calls in real time and modify the parameters of a campaign, such as changing your Caller ID or adjusting the call schedules, while it is running.
  • Custom Variables: Lets you record and play a custom message for each call recipient using chosen parameters. Menu options can also be customized according to input like a name, account number, or PIN.
  • Call Center Integration: Lets you combine basic automated call center functions with an external call center for further support. Allows you to create a virtual call center to connect callers to agents who work from home or remote locations.
  • Multilingual Capability: Lets you offer multiple language options to callers or call recipients.
  • Call Detail Reports and Campaign Statistics: Gives you detailed information — such as how a call was answered, duration of the call, no answer or busy signal encounter — with statistics and graphs. You can also print out reports.
  • Use IVR with these other calling services:

  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Transfer Call to Agent

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