International Calling Services

Our reliable and affordable calling services extend across the globe

Dial Them Up offers a comprehensive suite of affordable, reliable calling services for international campaigns and customer service centers, all controllable from your desktop. Through our own proprietary network and strategic partnerships with top-tier international carriers, we can handle an inexhaustible volume of calls with the utmost speed and efficiency, and without compromising service or breaking your budget.

Dial Them Up’s Application Programming Interface (API) will let your information management system communicate directly with ours, allowing you to integrate databases, upload and populate contact groups, create voice broadcasting campaigns, and focus on business instead of worrying about infrastructure.

    Plus, we include services that many other providers charge extra for, such as instant call transfer to a representative, or the option to listen to a message again. There are no setup charges, contracts, hidden fees, or expiration of credits. No equipment to buy or software to install. And you pay only for completed calls.

    Dial Them Up international calling services put the world at your fingertips.

  • Quick and easy set-up right from your computer
  • Easy, web-based interface and API integration
  • Group calling and customized voice broadcast
  • Automated reminder calling
  • Interactive voice response for inbound and outbound calls
  • Polls and surveys
  • Real-time reporting with call campaign statistics and metrics
  • Dial Them Up complies with all international calling regulations. Contact us to customize your international calling services at the most competitive prices.

    For customer notifications, after-sale follow-up calls, employee communication, call center services, and business continuity, Dial Them Up offers easy, reliable, and affordable solutions to answer all your telecommunications needs.

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