Market Research Surveys and Polling

    Gather valuable data, measure customer satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty to boost your bottom line

    In today’s world of social media, instant communication, and permission marketing, it is crucial to know your customer and adapt quickly to his needs.

    Make Dial Them Up’s interactive poll and survey feature part of your political campaign strategy or product or service marketing campaign. Our fast, efficient, automated service offers an easy, low-cost way to gather information and instantly analyze results. Whether you want to conduct a customer satisfaction survey, political poll, or patient follow-up, our powerful auto-dialer reaches more people in less time.

    Using our easy, web-based interface, you can design your survey or poll to ask simple yes-or-no questions or open-ended questions.

    Automated telephone surveys have a high participation rate. They are often faster than filling out online questionnaires, and more accurate than surveys conducted by live agents.

    Monitor your results in real time. View, print, and download your collected responses within minutes of launching your calling campaign.

    Advantages of Dial Them Up’s survey and polling feature:

  • No need to hire extra staff or an outside agency
  • Your survey can begin as soon as you create it and upload your call list
  • Reach thousands of respondents in minutes
  • Recorded questions are consistent in content and tone of delivery, eliminating surveyor bias and yielding more accurate results
  • Your information is secure and available only to you or those you designate
  • Your calling campaign is completely customizable. You design the questionnaire, create the call list, designate the language, and control the timing of the calls.
  • Target multiple audiences and conduct several different surveys simultaneously
  • Measure the effectiveness of each survey as it is running
  • Adaptable timing: Begin immediately or at scheduled intervals. You determine the start and stop times of the calls for each day of the week. We can adjust calling times by time zones, in compliance with various local regulations
  • Monitor your campaign in real time and get statistical and graphical data
  • Businesses and organizations that benefit from Dial Them Up’s automated telephone survey feature:

  • Political Campaigns
  • Automotive Industry
  • Retailers

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