Nonprofit Organizations

    Reach and Motivate More Potential Donors with Fast, Reliable Calling Services

    Charities, foundations, and not-for-profit organizations understand how important it is to make their fundraising efforts as efficient and productive as possible.
    Dial Them Up’s automated calling and phone messaging services will streamline your operations, saving you time and money.
    With Dial Them Up’s calling services, you can create and launch a fundraising campaign in minutes, and deliver your message to thousands of potential contributors. Reach your supporters, staff, and volunteers at a moment’s notice. Issue invitations to special events. Send reminder calls to pledges.
    There’s no equipment to buy, and it’s incredibly fast and easy. Record your voice message or upload your sound file. Create and store customized messages for different audiences. You can easily add response mechanisms to your call, such as a customized menu for volunteer drives, or the ability to transfer to a live representative to make a contribution. Schedule your message to go out immediately or at designated delivery times.

    Compare Dial Them Up’s calling services with the cost of designing, printing, and buying postage for traditional direct mail campaigns, or the time it takes for armies of volunteers to make repeated phone calls.
    Potential donors may not open an unsolicited email or direct mail letter. But they will answer the phone and listen to their voice mail and answering machines.
    Dial Them Up also provides you with detailed reports to verify the calling process and track your progress against objectives. Get information quickly on the time of the call, duration, live or answering machine pickup, call transfer initiation, and more.
    See how Dial Them Up’s calling services can make a valuable contribution to your nonprofit organization with these features:

  • Broadcast Messages
  • Bilingual Voice Broadcast Message or Transfer
  • Transfer Call
  • Reporting

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