Political Campaigns

    Increase the Reach and Delivery Speed of Your Campaign Message

    Dial Them Up’s efficient, affordable, and reliable automated calling service and voice messaging system are the essential campaign tools for reaching and motivating constituents, volunteers, political affiliates, and registered voters. Gauge the effectiveness of your campaign and keep track of opinions with our polling and survey feature. Set up and run a poll or survey in minutes, and see results in real time.

    Organize your call lists for different audiences, record and store your customized voice messages, and schedule delivery for optimal times. Easily add response mechanisms to your call. Offer a customized menu for surveys to capture valuable data, or enable the recipient to transfer to a live representative to make a political contribution.

    When the clock is ticking down on election day, you can mobilize your supporters by sending out thousands of Get Out the Vote calls in minutes.

    Increase productivity while freeing up your staff. Use targeted phone messages to:

  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Introduce candidates
  • Call for volunteers
  • Clarify your platform
  • Raise awareness of political issues
  • Rally supporters
  • Announce campaign news and fundraiser events
  • Ask for contributions
  • Reach out to your supporters, staff, and voters when time is of the essence:

  • Get out the vote
  • Address hot issues
  • Initiate damage control
  • Rebut negative advertising
  • In advance of the election, you can send out helpful, localized, public service announcements:

  • Encourage voter registration
  • Advocate political participation
  • Disseminate early voting information
  • Give locations for voting and where to register to vote
  • Our dynamic reporting system will help you measure the efficiency of your messaging campaign. We can even provide hourly reports. Quickly see the call duration, time of call, pick-up result (live/busy signal/answering machine), call transfer activity, and more.

    From ongoing campaign fundraising efforts to last-minute Get Out the Vote calls, let us help you turn up the productivity and turn out the votes. Dial Them Up’s results-oriented calling services will earn your vote of confidence.

    Political organizations and campaign headquarters are most interested in the following:

  • Broadcast Messages
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Reporting

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