Boost Your Sales and Grow Your Business with Fast, Reliable Calling Services

    Your business depends upon good customer relations. Stay connected to your customer base with Dial Them Up’s efficient calling services.
    Announce new products or services to customers who have made past purchases or those who have elected to receive information from you. Boost your B2B or seasonal marketing efforts with timely voice messages.
    Dial Them Up’s automatic calling and voice mail broadcasting services are cost effective and reach hundreds – even thousands – of customers in minutes.
    There’s no equipment to buy, and it’s incredibly fast and easy. Upload your telephone list of “opt in” customers. Record your voice message or upload your sound file. You can create and store customized messages for different audiences. You can also easily add a response mechanism to your call, such as a customized menu to hear more information, or the ability to transfer to a sales agent to place an order. Have your message go out immediately, or schedule it to go out on specific days and times.

    Use our polling and survey feature to get RSVPs to special events, test your marketing messages, and gauge customer satisfaction. It’s fast, easy, and gives you results in real time.
    Use Dial Them Up’s calling services to streamline all your customer communications:

  • Drive customers to your web site to download coupons or circulars
  • Reminder calls for special customer events
  • Order status advisory
  • Follow-up calls for “add-on” sales
  • Payment due reminders
  • Customer appreciation reward notices
  • Special pricing notices
  • Product availability/shipment notices
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Re-order reminders
  • New product or service offering
  • Dial Them Up also provides you with detailed reports on the time of the call, duration, live or answering machine pickup, call transfer initiation, and more.
    Improve your customer outreach and keep your sales growing with these calling services:

  • Broadcast Messages
  • Bilingual Voice Broadcast Message or Transfer
  • Appointment Reminder Services
  • Transfer Call
  • Reporting
  • *See the FCC rules for telemarketing, robocalls, and automatic dialing systems.

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