Product and Services Marketing

    Make the deal. Close the sale. Turn leads into customers.

    Announce new products or services to customers who have made past purchases or those who have elected to receive information from you. Dial Them Up’s efficient calling services help you stay connected to your customer base at a fraction of the cost of direct mail or other mediums.

    Voice broadcasting is an effective method of communicating your product or service offerings. Customers and prospects may not read an unsolicited email or direct mail piece, but they will answer the phone and listen to their voice messages.

    Our automated calling service enhances your telemarketing efforts and improves your return on investment. The key advantages of combining automated calling with telemarketing are speed and effectiveness. In minutes, Dial Them Up will automatically dial hundreds or thousands of contacts and broadcast your voice message.

    Dial Them Up also provides you with detailed reports on the time of the call, duration, live or answering machine pickup, call transfer initiation, and more.

    Use voice broadcasting as part of your product or service marketing plan for:

  • New product announcements
  • Reminder calls for special customer events
  • Follow-up calls for add-on sales
  • Drive customers to your web site to download coupons or circulars
  • Customer loyalty reward notices
  • Special pricing offers
  • See how these Dial Them Up calling services can enhance your product and service telemarketing efforts:

  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Transfer Calls To Agent
  • Reminder Calling
  • Businesses that use calling services for product and service marketing:

  • Automotive
  • Retailers
  • Gyms and Fitness Clubs

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