Real Estate Property Management and Tenant Notification

    Contact residents and property owners with efficient group notification services

    Automated calling and group notification services are practical, cost-efficient and time-saving alternatives to mailings, posting notices, or making repeated calls.

    The key advantages of Dial Them Up’s automated calling services for real estate management are speed and effectiveness. We allow you to increase your contact efficiency while maintaining your duty of care.

    Our automated dialing system, group calling service, and powerful network eliminate all the time and hassle involved in contacting large numbers of people. Use group call and your recorded voice message to deliver rent-due reminders, weather alerts, maintenance notices, and other important information in the quickest possible way.

    And with no equipment to buy or software to install, Dial Them Up’s calling services for property management is easy and affordable.

    Learn about these Dial Them Up services for your property management needs:

  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Emergency Notification
  • Appointment Reminder Service
  • Other businesses and organizations that can benefit from these calling services:

  • Political Campaigns
  • Religious Organizations
  • Sports Leagues and Associations

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