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Take Charge Of Your Family’s Health And Safety With Our Wellness Reminder Systems

Keeping track of your loved ones can be overwhelming, particularly with todays mounting responsibilities and busy schedules. Whether its stressing about your children getting home safe from school or making sure an elderly parent took their medication for the day; these concerns can turn into daunting tasks that are easily overlooked.

Using a combination of calendars, lists, or new technology to manageyour reminder schedule can make the process even more confusing! That’s why Dial Them Up offers a simple and effective solution using its automated Wellness Reminder phone service. The Wellness Reminder service is perfect to help you keep better track of yourself or your loved ones when it comes to ensuring health and safety.

    Some of the most popular features of the Wellness Reminder System include:

  • Complete protection for children and seniors
  • Customizable medication schedules and alertse
  • 24/7 direct contact with Wellness Reminder staff
  • Extra care alerts for loved ones
  • Take Full Advantage Of Our Powerful Array Of Wellness Reminder Products

    The Wellness Reminder service includes three popular products:

    Medicine Reminder Alerts

    Medicine reminder alerts are perfect for individuals who need to stay current on their prescription schedules…Click to Read More

    Latch Key Children Alerts

    Working parents can benefit from our latch key children alerts, which help ensure that young ones make it home safely after school

    Senior Check-In Alerts

    The senior check-in alertsystem provides a simple tool for ensuring that the older members of your family are safe in their homes and do not require immediate medical attention

    Now’s the time to revolutionize the health and safety of your family! Contact us today!

    Our Wellness Reminder services offer a variety of powerful tools for individuals confronting an array of challenging situations. We’ve designed the Wellness Reminder service to be completely customizable, allowing individuals to adapt our helpful services to their specific needs.

    Wellness Reminder Products

    Whether you’re in need of prescription reminders, status updates on older members of your family or safety alerts for your children, we can help! You can take a look at three of our popular services below for more information.

    Medicine Reminder Alerts

    As we grow older, we can expect our daily prescription requirements to grow. This isn’t necessarily a negative critique of your own lifestyle or health – it’s simply a part of aging!

    Medicine Reminder is the most reliable, hassle-free solution for keeping you and your family on a healthy medication schedule. Our “extra care” reminders ensure that you never miss a dose by sending an additional alert to a loved one if you don’t answer the phone within one hour of the your first reminder call. Medicine Reminder’s extra care alerts are the perfect solution for anyone caring for senior members in their family, home, business or community.

    Our Medicine Reminder service features include:

  • Regularly scheduled calls
  • Customizable reminders
  • 24/7 service
  • Extra care alerts to loved ones if recipient does not respond
  • Latch Key Children Alerts

    As the demands placed upon working adults continue to increase, it’s not uncommon for children to commute to and from school on their own. This particular arrangement may necessitate additional security in order to ensure that children are fully protected and that their parents are able to maintain peace of mind.

    The latch key children alert system uses at-home phone calls that are designed to make contact with children following their return from school. If these calls are not answered, parents are notified immediately. Thanks to our latch key alert system, parents can know immediately if their child has not yet returned home from their daily school routine.

    The system includes:

  • Calls scheduled around the child’s school schedule
  • Immediate follow-up with parents if child does not respond
  • Senior Check-In Alerts

    We all know how important it is to ensure that the older members of our families are protected and cared for during the golden years of their lives. Our senior check-in alert system offers routine telephone check-ins, which offer invaluable assurance and confidence for children of older parents.

    This system features:

  • Daily at-home telephone calls to seniors
  • Prompt follow-up with caregivers and family members, if the intended recipient does not respond
  • Around-the-clock service and alert monitoring
  • The Confidence You Deserve, Every Day

    Don’t let another day go by worrying about the people you care about. Contact us today and let us help you safeguard your family with our Wellness Reminder Services!

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