Why Choose Dial Them Up?

Why Choose Dial Them Up?

There are many automated calling services to choose from. What makes Dial Them Up different from
all the rest?

Quite simply, we are dedicated to providing your business or organization – large or small – with the
easiest, most reliable, no-nonsense service at the lowest cost.

Whether you need to make get out the vote (GOTV) calls for your political campaign, send out alert
notifications from your school or municipality, or automate appointment scheduling for your patients or
clients, Dial Them Up offers low-cost calling services that fit your needs.


We’re committed to making the process as uncomplicated as possible with quick and easy set-up and execution right from your computer.

  • Upload your phone lists
  • Record your voice message, or upload a WAV file
  • Your calls are dialed and your voice message is delivered – immediately, or on your Requested schedule


Dial Them Up is unique in that we own and control our own calling network and telephony technology. Our large and powerful network can handle an inexhaustible volume of call traffic, delivering your message to hundreds of thousands in minutes.

  • Fast, reliable VoIP service
  • No equipment or software to buy
  • Thousands of phone lines available at all times
  • We own our own network, and pass the savings on to you

Robust Reporting in Real Time

Dial Them Up’s real-time reports give you all the information you need to measure the effectiveness of your calling campaigns.

  • Immediately access reports any time – even while calls are being made
  • See the time and duration of each call
  • See the results: Call answered by person / answering machine or voicemail pickup / hang-up / no answer / busy / invalid number / call blocked
  • Our reports give you numerical information, statistics, and graphics